Healthcare Landlord Representation

65+ Transactions

The healthcare real estate landscape is rapidly evolving, and Quantum is here to help. Today more than ever we are seeing a shift in a patient’s mindset when deciding who their local healthcare providers are, with an increased importance on convenience and accessibility of healthcare services. With healthcare providers choosing more prominent and visible real estate in a dynamic market over traditional medical office buildings, many landlords are now presented with an opportunity to reposition their assets to better serve the community.

Our team of advisors understands that simply leasing a space and expecting a lease no longer suffices, at least that is our view. With a significant amount of investment in our data infrastructure and analysis, combined with a forward-thinking vision catered to each assignment is required to create a synergistic co-tenancy that has sustainability for the future.

Quantum’s Healthcare Landlord Advisory team works in tandem with our Healthcare Tenant Representation practice to ensure that we tailor our client’s specific needs to the properties that can grow their business. When you hire Quantum you hire our whole team.

$78,000,000 In Lease Value